Audi Genuine Tyres

Specially created for each Audi model and manufactured using the latest materials and testing criteria, Audi Genuine tyres ensure both wheel rim and tyre are coordinated to meet our exacting requirements.

To achieve the ‘AO’ marking for every model Audi Genuine tyres have to undergo around 50 performance criteria tests. This is considerably more stringent than statutory tyre regulations. Audi Genuine tyres are at the forefront when it comes to safety, comfort and driving on any road surface.

Audi Warranty. Complimentary with all tyre purchases

Audi Tyre Warranty replaces your tyre in the event of damage caused by one of the following events: 

  • Sharp objects such as nails and pieces of broken glass.
  • Direct Impact Damage i.e. kerb or pothole.
  • Vandalism caused by third party.

The warranty cover applies to all tyres purchased from an authorised Audi dealer.

Warranty cover applies for 2 years, or until 3mm of tread depth remains, whichever occurs first.

The reimbursement shall be calculated on the current recommended retail price (RRP) of Audi for the replacement tyre based on the following:

  • In the first year 100%
  • In the second year 75%